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We offer cost-effective Patent Drafting and 3D CAD services without compromising on quality. Since every project is unique, the pricing depends on the scope and turnaround time required for each project.

 Our pricing depends on the complexity and tum around time of the project. We work seven days a week.

The following prices are estimates unless noted otherwise. The prices have been published for your convenience, so you may know what price range to expect. We are looking forward to hearing from you personally so we may discuss your specific project and give you a firm quote based on your requirements

Utility Avg Cost (Price Per Sheet)
Simple $35 – $60
Average $60 – $90
Complex $90+
DesignAvg Cost (Price Per Sheet)
Simple$40 – $60
Average$60 – $90
TrademarkAvg Cost (Price Per Sheet)
Simple$40 – $60
Average$60 – $80

Revisions will be billed by the hour at $65 pr hour.

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