Trademark Drawing

Sunset Condos

Trademark Drawing

Universal Rally

Trademark Drawing

Wedding Elephant

Solid to Line

Combination of a solid model and patent drawing. We used SolidWorks, Photoshop and AutoCAD to create this drawing.

Billet Seat Bracket

Most racing seat brackets mount the seats too high. It’s not a problem if you’re short or if you have a SUV with tons of headroom, but most race cars have little or no head room. My design mounts the seat at the lowest position possible. No more helmets rubbing against the roof.

Rally Wheel

This is a solid model of a rally wheel. This was created using SolidWorks. We then converted the solid model into line drawings and added shading per USPTO standards.

Design Patent Drawing

I used stipple shading for this drawing in order to illustrate a nice gradient.

Design Patent Drawing

This fan was shaded using both stipple and line shading. I used stipple shading for the blades since they had a rough finish.

Design Patent Drawing

This was a very time consuming project. We used AutoCAD to create this drawing.

Utility Patent Drawing

A cross sectional view of a turbo charger.