The US Patent Office has very firm requirements and rules concerning the patent drawings and illustrations that are part of the patent application. The firm rules are mainly in place so the drawings can be easily seen and understood. The patent drawings should not be vague or ambiguous. So, all of the drawings need to be labelled correctly so every aspect of the drawing can be understood.

With all of the guidelines and rules that have to be met, it is highly important to have a team of people with experience who are prepared to help you meet the patent drawing standards. Every potential inventor wants to move forward with the patent drawing process. A patent drawing and a patent illustration are needed, but they will not always do your application and your invention justice. You need to get the full image of the invention, and you will need to capture different angles.

The people who are in charge of accepting or denying your application need to see more than one angle of the product that you plan to bring to the market. Also, if you want someone to invest or buy your products, you will want to use your patent drawings and illustrations to help convince them that your product is a winner.

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