A patent attorney and inventor with experience knows that one patent illustration will not be enough to get the full understanding of your invention. Several sheets of patent illustrations will need to drawn or created to show several angles and aspects of your great invention. Your invention will likely be composed of several parts and features, and you will need to show how everything works. So, in order to get the full angles, you should have illustrations that show the side angles, the top angles, and the bottom angles.

To help you increase your chances of having your application approved,  you will likely need to have a patent illustrator handle the drawings for you. Not everyone is made up of artistic talents. The fact that you can not draw is nothing to be embarrassed about. There is software available that can help you create the perfect illustrations that will be part of your application.

Your patent attorney may not have the artistic talents either. Hiring someone to handle the patent illustrations will definitely be worth the price you will pay because the costs are generally low-priced. Even if you do have the artistic talents, a professional patent illustrator will understand what type of details need to be part of the drawing. The professional patent illustrator will also know the type of products and materials that will need to be used. The USPTO looks for different standards that need to be met. A professional patent illustrator will understand the standards, and he or she can help you meet them.

It may seem like a challenging task to put your patent application together, but professionals are around to help you. They can make the road a little bit easier to walk down.

If you need help with your patent drawings or getting your invention patented, contact us.