The patent drawings must be accurate and need to follow the strict rules that have been set. The drawings should demonstrate and describe what your invention is all about, and what the various features are going to be used for. The drawings need to follow the certain USPTO rules that have been set aside for patent drawings.

  • Only use black ink on white background.
  • You have to meet certain paper size and margin requirements.
  • You should not use photographs unless that is the only method that can display the invention.
  • You should only use color when it is absolutely necessary. You will have to complete a petition and submit it to the USPTO before you can be allowed to use color ink.
  • Your drawings should be shown upright.
  • If shading can give you a better understanding of some parts of your invention, then you should use shading in those areas.

Many of us are not professional drawings; many of us are far from that. You can have your drawings done by a professional, and the price can be less than you think. If you have the funds and you do not want to do it yourself, a patent illustrator can be a big help.

You can also create your patent drawings on your own. There are various software available that can save you money and help you create the best drawings that will describe your invention.

Whatever way you decide to having your drawings created, you should follow all of the rules that have been set. We are here to help you, regardless of what route you decide to take. Contact us for additional information.