You have created something amazing, something that is your idea and your creation. You have probably created drawings and outlines; you have  probably even created a small prototype. You have also done a substantial amount of research so you will know if someone already created something like your idea.

You came to the conclusion that people will love what you have come up with; you are ready to take the next steps toward getting your idea out there for people to know about, but you are unsure if you should patent the idea or invention.

To make things a little easier for you, we want to provide you with reasons why you should obtain a patent for your idea/invention.

  • You will be able to protect your invention when it makes it to the stores. If anyone tries to use your invention or market it without your authorization, you will have the right to take the necessary legal actions.
  • When you obtain a patent for that great idea or great invention, you will have the opportunity to make money when you idea/invention is commercialized.
  • If you have any business partners, they will start to feel more comfortable with the decisions you are making because you took the right step in patenting your product. They will know you are committed to your product, and that you want only good things to occur.

When you have a patent in the database, people will typically steer away from any unlawful activity involving your idea/invention. Your patent will be something like a red flag to others who are thinking about stealing your idea. You have spent a significant amount of time on this idea/invention, so why not get a patent to protect it?

If you need advice or additional information about obtaining a patent, contact us today.