As with most services, there are often misconceptions and misunderstandings about the process of creating Patent Drawings.  At Inventia Patent Drafting, Inc., we have heard most of these questions before and decided to assemble a list of them along with our answers.

Please note that more often than not, our “answer” may be more questions.  We have learned that if we ask the right questions and pay attention to details, we will eliminate misunderstandings and you will get the drawings you want.

  1. “What SETS YOUR COMPANY APART from Other Companies Who Provide Patent Drawings?” – We like to hear that type of question because it means you, as the prospective client. sincerely want to understand what is different about each service provider. Most people have learned that if they ask straight forward questions they get better answers. At MicroChannel Services we answer this with a variety of questions of our own. What is your idea or invention? How long have you been working on it?  How important is the drawing in your process? How will you be using the drawing?  Will you need 3D (solids modeling?)  We have learned that the more questions we ask, the better the final result!
  2. How Much Will this COST? – What’s the bottom line?  Most drawing professionals will provide you with a price estimate along with a price for revisions.
  3. Will you provide we with MULTIPLE RENDITIONS and “Works in Process”? – The fundamental is Yes, but we do charge for revisions. The more complex the drawing, the more there will be need for revisions.  We charge by the hour for revisions.
  4. Can you provide drawings for BILL OF MATERIALS, GRAPHS, MULTIPLE VIEWS and other Support Documents? – Yes, we have the ability to draw and annotate whatever you need.  We will need to develop a custom quote for drawings that include BOM’s, Graphs, Charts, Views and other details.

Please call 877.710.7895, email or contact us to discuss other questions you may have about patent drawings.