Recently, the USPTO made a proposal to change the patent fees. In the published proposal, it stated that the patent prosecution fees will increase a small amount. However, other common fees can increase to as much as 25 percent.

The USPTO hopes the proposal goes through, and this will result in major changes to the following:

  • Filing patents
  • Searching
  • Patent examinations
  • Issuance fees
  • Fees for an appeal

The current fees for the above will only recover a small amount of how much it costs to file for a patent, search, and for an examination. The adjustments that have been proposed are listed below:

  • The examination fee will become $600, which is a $140 increase
  • The fee for filing for a patent will become $200, which is a $20 increase
  • The search fee will become $160, which is an increase of $40
  • The issue fee will be $1000, and that is an increase of $440

When you add all of the above fees, you will see that the total increase for a patent fee will be $640. This is certainly a large increase for a design patent application when you compare it to the fees that are currently set.

The fee adjustments that have been proposed are not only for design applications in the United States but for international applications as well. The new fees that have been proposed may be implemented in 2017. In 2017, there will be a new administration.

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