Why Should You Consider Patent Drawings Done By A Professional?

A patent drawing may not be a strict requirement for every patent application that is submitted in the United States, but a drawing will be required when a USPTO examiner needs to fully understand something in your invention. So this basically means an inventor should get in the practice of submitting patent drawings with almost every application.

If you fail to submit a patent drawing with your patent application, the USPTO may not be able to make a determination on if your invention that you have discussed in your application is the same. To avoid any confusions and instant rejections, you should always submit a patent application with a patent drawing.

As mentioned above, the USPTO has several guidelines that are specific, and they must be followed when submitting your documents. There is a requirement that the drawings are in black ink. Sometimes color drawings are permitted, but this is only if it is necessary to understand the invention. If you are submitting an electronic filing, color drawings are generally not accepted.

What should you mention when you are looking for a professional to create your patent drawings?

  • Information about what you want the patent drawings to show
  • Your own drawings or photographs that you may have already drawn yourself or taken with your camera

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