Marketing Your Invention is the Final Step

You have bounced around in your head what you believe will be the next greatest invention known to humanity. You have done a patent search-all is good. You have your design created, attained a patent and finally found a source of funding. With all that done your brainchild should be flying off the shelf, so you think. It is not enough to have invented, people have to know that you have.


At this stage reaping the benefits of all your hard work is what you are hoping. Inventors must realize at what point their vision goes from a dream to a business. Every business, in order to stir up demand for their product or service, must market themselves. Inventors are no different. Marketing your invention is the final step in achieving the success you desire.


With an over five hundred percent increase in patents issued over the last ten years, there is without a doubt a huge amount of new products and processes hitting the market. Marketing is the key to distinguishing one product from another and informing the public that your brainchild is now available.


It is also crucial that inventors research their potential market. Who will buy the product? How much will it cost customers to purchase? Who are your potential customers? When marketing your invention these and other questions need to be answered before you can expect to see any demand or interest in your creation.

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