Protecting Inventions: How to Find a Good Patent Illustrator


A patent is the most important feature of your firm. It is a way through which consumers identify with your organization. As such, you have to be perfect when choosing one. A patent illustrator will help you along the process. According to Front Line, “If you want to be sure you don’t get a drawing rejection a patent illustrator is your best bet before submission.” The importance of such an illustrator is clear but what remains undemystified is how to find a good patent illustrator.

patent illustrator

A good patent illustrator is one who is vast with experience in technical drawings. The patents have to be drawn using state of the art software for precision and further application. See to it that the illustrator has the ability to present the drawings in different formats such as pdf, tiff and jpg. To verify that they are versed in the field, you can request for a portfolio of the previous works they have done.

The other thing you need to ensure is that the illustrator only uses the current technology. The software that they use for the illustrations has to be up to date. It is recommended that it should not be more than four years old. Among the currently used software are Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk’s AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Do not understate the value of hard copy illustrations. The illustrator you go for should be able to print hard copies of the patent drawings. They must use a laser printers for the job. These printers give a clearer replica of the electronic illustrations.

Be careful not to choose an illustrator who does not major in patents. Bear in mind that not any person that uses CAD is familiar with USPTO rules. These rules keep changing and therefore, if an individual does not specialize in patent illustration, they may not be aware of recently made changes, and this could jeopardize the legality of your patent.

Another obvious but neglected factor is the safety of your equipment and patent. Ensure that the illustrator uses anti virus protection software. With the information being encrypted and protected by a firewall, you will prevent other parties from accessing your patent.

If you mull over the aforementioned factors, you will have the best patent illustrator for the job. This way, you will be able to secure your patent and make the most out of it. Contact us to learn more about patent illustrators.

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