The Pros and Cons of Open Source Patent Drawing Software

Patent drawings are essentially very detailed drawings that illustrate the invention to be patented. The drawings, however, don’t begin when you’re ready to submit a patent application. They begin at the beginning of the design process to help you, and the people that work with you, plan out the product in detail. drawing software

In these beginning stages, you may find it useful to plot your basics with open source or limited use free patent drawing software. The type you would choose would depend largely on what project you’re working on. The most popular types are for CAD, which are good whether you need 2D or 3D. Other types that are common are for designing electrical, ship systems, architectural systems, CAD management and animation software.

The huge benefit in using any of these is that they are free to use, so it’s easy on your budget. Most inventors can use this as they work their way through the beginning stages of their projects. In the end, having free software might actually help save money in the planning stages as well because you won’t go through as many materials. In short, the main benefit to free software is that they can help you design your product and get it to a final stage in a cost effective manner.

The pitfalls of free or open source software is that it is often has limited capabilities and functionality. This limit often produces diagrams and illustrations that are great for planning and rough drafts, but can lack a polished finished that is good for both marketing and patent applications.

Meeting the patent specifications is an arduous task when you are dealing with unlimited software. It’s only tougher and more of a headache with limited software capabilities. We can help polish up your rough drafts and work with you to get your ideas marketing and patent application ready.

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