The Importance of Design Patent Drawings and 3D Models.

One of the most exciting things that can happen to a person is to believe they have an idea for an invention that could change the world.  It’s a moment when they will feel a special kinship with the great inventors from the past such as Henry Ford, Bill Gates and even Steven Jobs.  Then there comes the realization that many people have an idea for an invention, but not everyone has a  3D model or professional drawing of their idea that shows exactly how it works.

Inventors need to realize that patent drawings are required to be filed with a patent application and without a 3D model, it can be difficult to get to the manufacturing stage. The purpose for patent drawings is to provide the examiner with enough information so they can understand exactly how the invention works.  There are special rules and regulations that apply to the drawings submitted with a patent application. The purpose for 3D models is not only to be able to see what your idea would like in real life, but to be able to provide a manufacturer a file of your 3D model for creating a rapid prototype or final product.

Many people have met with success after taking their idea and trust to Inventia.  They soon see the benefits of having a professional patent drawing or 3D model done of their invention.  The people at Inventia are able to prepare utility drawings, design drawings, trademark illustrations and more.  They use all of the latest CAD/design software to create their designs.  They can utilize SolidWorks, Adobe, Creo PTC and Audodesk software to assist their customers during the drawing and modeling stages.

Their drawings will meet all of the requirements set forth by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PTO).  A drawing of the invention submitted with the patent application will ultimately be used on the invention’s registration certificate.

They are able to provide customers with an extremely accurate representation of their invention.  They know how to utilize proper shading to increase the sharpness of an image.  They know how to use the exact shading techniques that can identify and illustrate various textures as well as surface materials.

The design patent drawing submitted with a patent application is important.  Inventors know they can trust Inventia Patent Drafting.  They will be able to see their invention come to life and show others their idea really does work. Contact them today.

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