New Chapter In “The Clash Of The Titans”

Apple‘s supremacy in the mobile phone and tablet markets has been under assault by Samsung over the past couple of years. Apple has not been passive in its response. Beginning in 2011’ the technology innovator based in Cupertino, CA has launched a multi-pronged assault against Samsung, claiming patent infringement.

Samsung has retaliated with a number of lawsuits of their own. The debate has extended across numerous jurisdictions, from the USA to the UK. Suits are also underway in a host of other European countries, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy.

Now the UK High Court has rendered a decision in one of Samsung’s retaliatory patent infringement suits. The court has ruled that, no, Apple did not infringe upon three of Samsung’s  patents. These patents specifically pertained to how mobile phones send and receive data over 3G networks. Not too surprisingly, Samsung i ssued a statement expressing its disappointment with the High Court ruling. It further stated that it would consider an appeal.

This defeat for Samsung came just a week after it failed to secure an iPhone ban in Japan it yet another Apple vs Samsung clash.

So, in the early rounds of this “Clash of the Titans,” Apple is prevailing. The stakes are high, to say the least. It is not only the monetary damages that may be awarded. Products that the two giants hope to market in dozens of countries for many years to come will potentially be affected.

Right now, it’s potentially just “a billion here and a billion there.” Long-term however, this Apple v. Samsung clash may affect profits measured in the tens of billions. Hundreds of patents protecting intellectual property could potentially come into play. A consolidation of suits in certain jurisdictions may streamline the process. Such an effort has already been promoted by federal judges in the United States.

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