How to Find a Good Patent Illustrator Part ll

We received a lot of emails asking about our article published earlier this week about finding a good patent illustrator.  I thought a second article would be better than emailing everyone. . .  So here goes.

If you have an invention or design that you would like to patent, your first step (assuming that you have already built a prototype) is to study the requirements for obtaining a patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Although the language is a little hard to understand, you will see right away how important the drawings are to the process. Unless you are extremely proficient in illustration yourself, you should not attempt to submit your own drawings. You need professional help.

How do you find a good illustrator? Here are some steps you could take:

Ask for referrals. Many inventors share information on forums which could be helpful to you. However, be cautious about accepting a referral for professional work without checking references. The inventor making the referral may not disclose the personal interest he has in the illustrator he’s recommending. For all you know, it could be his brother-in-law.

Ask to see a portfolio. When you do locate an illustrator, ask to see his work. The artist must demonstrate a proficiency in creating accurate patent illustrations. According to the USPTO guidelines, the details of the illustrations must be discernible when they are reduced to two-thirds the original size. The artist also must demonstrate a mastery of shading when preparing design drawings.

Ask about availability. Good illustrators are in demand, so make sure that the one you choose will commit to having your project done within the time you specify.

Ask about pricing. Once you are satisfied that the illustrator you select has the skills and the time to take on your project, then you agree on a price. Along with the time frame, this is something you should get in writing so that both of you are clear on the terms. Make sure you also specify a timeline for updates on the project.

Inventia Patent Drafting employs skilled artists who use state-of-the-art technology in rendering patent illustrations. With considerable experience in both utility and design patent drawings, we invite you to peruse our portfolio and contact us with your illustration needs.

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