Apple vs. Samsung and Other Patent Industry News

The most recent development in the Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement litigation took place March 7, 2013, when U.K. judge Christopher Floyd ruled that Samsung’s disputed patents do infringe on Apple’s proprietary rights and are therefore invalid.

The extended patent war between the technological giants began in April of 2011 with Apple’s contention that Samsung, Asia’s largest electronics manufacturer, was “slavishly copying” Apple products. While Apple declined to immediately comment on the most recent ruling, a Samsung spokesperson said that the company was “disappointed,” but would review the decision before making a determination as to an appeal.

In other news, this USPTO press release of March 5, 2013, announces the creation of a formal collaboration with the AutoHarvest Foundation to encourage innovation and employment in advanced manufacturing. The Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of both parties stipulates that “entrepreneurs and corporate executives will have direct access to a centralized online collection of databases, information resources, software and analytical tools designed to help inventors better understand the process of obtaining, maintaining and commercializing their intellectual property.”  This cooperative effort is based on the fact that helping inventors better understand the patent process will lead to economic stimulus derived from the use of the patents.

Another press release of February 25, 2013, unveils the collaboration of the USPTO with the National Institute of Standards and Technology to produce an updated beta version of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s IP Awareness Assessment Tool, which is intended to help those in business gauge their awareness of intellectual property.

The need for this tool is shown in the resident value of a business’ or individual’s intellectual property, of which the originator may be unaware. Becoming aware of his rights, and how to safeguard his own property, will enable the owner to more easily profit from his invention. The IP Awareness Assessment Tool is available here.

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