How To Find A Good Patent Illustrator In 6 Simple Steps

One of the most important, yet overlooked, part of an invention patent process is the illustration that reflects the idea cleanly and correctly. Patent examiners sift through hundreds of patent applications every day, and organized applications that maintain compliancy throughout the report will see a faster processing time. Flawed illustrated applications also face numerous rejections, adding on several hours of revising time on top of the long wait due to an unsystematic submission. It is vital to understand how to find a good patent illustrator.patent illustrator

It is imperative that an inventor find an illustrator that not only understand the rules of the patent process but can also reflect the invention idea correctly. When it comes time to prepare the application for an invention, there are several caveats you should consider when choosing a good patent illustrator.

Electronic illustrations

Verify the illustrator is well versed in drawing electronically. Ask for a portfolio to review, that displays the illustrator’s previous work. When the illustrator has completed the patent drawing, insist on several electronic file formats, such as .tiff, .jpg, .bmp, and .png.

Verify current software

The correct software is important for a patent drawing. Make sure that only the top designing software is used, such as CAD, Autodesk, SolidWorks and Adobe for all illustrations. Every illustrator should have only the current versions of the software chosen to use for drawing, and it is just as important as using the right software. Anything older than three years old is too old.

Laser hard copies

As important electronic copies of patent drawings are, you’re draftsman should be able to provide hard copies printed via a laser printer if needed. Inkjet printers are less accurate when it comes to lines and the ink is notorious for fading, running and smearing which can result in a rejection of your drawings by the USPTO. Laser copies last longer and display a much more accurate replica of an electronic illustration.

Use illustrators that specialize in patents

Many designers may be proficient in CAD or another well-known drawing software, but only those who specialize in patents knows and understands the USPTO rules. When it comes to patents, there is not a lot of leeway for mistakes. Stick with someone to strictly works with patent drawings.

Prototypes and pictures

High quality pictures are best if you cannot provide your draftsman an actual prototype – not any of your own drawings or sketches. The illustrator must walk into the job with a fresh mind and outlook, not tainted by previous mock ups.

Confidentially agreement and security

Never overlook the value of security. Have a confidentially agreement written up and signed by the illustrator. Make sure that they are also working in a protected environment – behind a firewall and running current software for virus protection.

Once you understand how to how to find a good patent illustrator, the process of elimination becomes much easier in narrowing down the right person or group to handle your patent drawings.

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