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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a number of press releases announcing new developments. Inventia Patent Drafting presents the following summaries of a few of these news items with links to the original releases:

January 23, 2013. USPTO’s Patents for Humanity Wins 2012 LESI Award. The USPTO’s “pilot program designed to encourage the use of patented technology to address humanitarian challenges” was recognized by the nonprofit organization Licensing Executives Society International at LESI’s annual Global Technology Impact Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. The program, highlighted here, encourages patent owners to use their innovations for the benefit of the world’s poor. It reflects the growing conviction that technological tools, properly used, can provide solutions to major world problems.

January 2, 2013. USPTO and EPO Announce Launch of Cooperative Patent Classification System. The USPTO and the European Patent Office “today announced the formal launch of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system, a global classification system for patent documents.” In recognition of the emergent global economy, the new CPC combines the best practices of the United States with those of the European system for classifying technical documents used in the process of granting patents. With over 45 patent offices and 20,000 examiners using the same standards, the CPC should quickly be adopted as the international standard. (See more on the background work here.)

December 21, 2012. USPTO Announces New Patent Prosecution Highway Partnership (PPH) With Taiwan Intellectual Property Office. “The permanent PPH program, which started on September 1, 2012, will continue to permit each office to benefit from work previously done by the other office, which reduces the examination workload and improves patent quality.” This represents another acknowledgment of the importance of international cooperation in sharing knowledge and fast-tracking innovation which powers startups around the world. The businesses built on new technologies and processes help improve the standard of living for all the communities that support them.

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