How to protect your idea or invention

How to protect your idea or invention from someone else stealing it?  Oh, sure, you only told a few people about it…(just friends and a couple of co-workers and the mailman?).  You’ve no need to worry.  None of those people would do such a thing.  These are nice upstanding citizens! Besides, you thought of it first. Everyone knows it.

Well, here’s some news big dreamer, there very well could be some people on this earth who have more drive, albeit evil thoughts, than you!  As brilliant as you are, haven’t you heard the old saw, “The early bird takes the worm?”  You certainly would not be the type to steal another person’s idea.  Your mother taught you better!

In the face of greed and opportunity, some people will not think twice about stealing your idea.  If they act nonchalant when you tell them, don’t be surprised what can happen after they get home and get on the phone to their attorney brother in law who knows someone who knows someone.

So just keep talking about your great idea.  Feel around to see what people think.  Make a homemade prototype in your basement and see what the mailman thinks.  Yup…keep talking and doing absolutely nothing about actually seeing your brilliant idea through.

What you don’t know is that the mailman is tired of delivering mail and his feet hurt cause he’s got bunions.  After he patent’s his idea (your idea), maybe he’ll send you a letter from Hawaii complaining about sunburn and weak drinks.  In the meantime you can jump around all you want screaming that someone stole your idea, and get a really good lawyer (not your brother-in-law) who can hopefully prove it.

Contact us instead of spouting off your idea to everyone!  Try to get your invention off the ground and patented properly.  Sure, most of your friends are just like you.  They, too, will think you have a great idea and wish they would have thought of it. Most of these people though, are too busy (like you?) to go off and try to patent your idea before you ever will…..or would they?  Take your rickety patent drawing to us, and we will take your idea, and put it right into your hands. Then, someday soon, you can go right to the mailbox and start picking up checks.

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